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Technology and Intellectual Property

With a background that includes working in Brussels on legislation for the European Commission/European Union and authoring over a dozen published works, Sarah Patricia Condor, Attorney at Law, brings to her legal practice a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of Internet law, international e-business, intellectual property, and privacy and publicity issues. Working with companies from California to Europe, our office ensures that our clients, from individual artists and entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, are able to maximize the potential of their business interests while protecting their valuable rights and assets.

Intellectual Property

Copyright - Economic protection of an artist's creative work is critical to the artist's livelihood. Even though copyright is created the moment that a work becomes fixed in a tangible medium, providing a copyright notice and registering the work with the Copyright Office are still important steps to take to protect the work. Even then, it may still be necessary to prosecute or defend claims of infringement. Our copyright practice includes all the necessary steps to protecting your work, including conducting due diligence, performing a chain of title search and obtaining clearances, and negotiating copyright and licensing agreements that allow you to derive the most value from your work.

Trademarks - A product's reputation and marketing strategy are at least as important as the product itself. For inventors and manufacturers alike, protecting trademarks and trade dress are essential to the product's marketability and economic success. We work through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to obtain trademark protection for words, names, slogans, symbols and logos protected under the federal Lanham Act and California Law and litigate claims of infringement, dilution, tarnishment and blurring to make sure that trademark keeps its value. Internationally, we seek protection through laws and agencies such as the Madrid Protocol, the Paris Convention, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Our office helps clients secure copyrights and trademarks both domestically and internationally, including litigating infringement claims involving fair use or unfair competition, or claims under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of online copyright infringement or contributory copyright infringement.

International E-Business

Our services in this area include advice and drafting or negotiating software and consulting contracts, licensing agreements, DMCA policies, privacy policies, terms of use, terms of service, end-user licensing agreements, and more. Our practice also includes significant work in the areas of patents and trade secrets, cybersquatting, and domain name protection.

Privacy Issues

Privacy issues include both the Right of Privacy as well as the Right of Publicity. Individuals and companies alike are becoming increasingly concerned and sophisticated in the area of online privacy, and issues such as privacy policies and potential defamation claims loom large in consumer and corporate minds. We also work to ensure that copyright and trademark holders are able to license their work and exploit its commercial value to the full extent to which they are entitled.

Our practice is also concerned with the limits of privacy in the workplace, where we tackle difficult and complex issues balancing the employer's right to direct work and monitor employees versus the employee's right to free speech/expression and a reasonable expectation of privacy in the workplace. As online social networking becomes ever more an integral part of individual daily lives, issues such as the personal use of the computer at work will increasingly find their way into company policies, employee handbooks, and the courtroom.

Comprehensive Technology and Intellectual Property Practice

Our comprehensive Technology and Intellectual Property practice includes advice and representation in all the following areas:



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